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Yoga / Pilates
Personal Training


My session is based on Mat Pilates and Qigong to focus on the alignment and balance of your body. 

When your body is out of alignment or imbalanced you may feel not only body pain but also a lack of energy, stress, or trouble focusing.

And for performers and athletes, when your body is not in a mindful state, you are not able to perform your strength or flexibility you already have. My conditioning method will help you to improve the quality of your movement efficiency.


To keep your body in the best condition, you need to know which muscle to use and relax and which part of your body has to have extra care and maintenance. It is very difficult to look our body by ourselves, it will help you to have someone check your body from outside.

Additionally I lead exercise focusing on Mind and Body connection that brings you greater harmony in your life.​

My training is recommended for who

  • would like to find a healthy state of mind and body

  • ​feel too tired after your fitness workout routine 

  • is unmotivated

  • has fatigue

  • feel stiff your body

  • looking for better mobility, strength and control of your body

  • looking for core training

  • would like to shape your body

  • would like to improve your skill as a performer

  • would like to improve body alignment 


Aerial conditioning is also available. Please contact me for more details.

Yoga / Pilates
Mai Sato

[Instructor]​  Mai Sato

I worked for 3 different Cirque du Soleil shows as an aerial acrobat for 10 years, performing totaling over 4000 shows. And I’ve never had any major injuries or surgeries because I was very focused on maintaining my body and mind.


I have scoliosis and I used to struggle with chronic pain, headaches, and sometimes difficulty focusing on things.
I tried many different kinds of therapy or exercise but Pilates and Qigong have been a very effective method of relieving these issues. I've found that core training and improved alignment help to significantly increase your health.
Pilates and Qigong training also have a very positive effect on my mental health and overall wellness.

I would love to help support you in reaching your goals!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I'm looking forward to working with you!



  • Cirque du Soleil  "LOVE" (Las Vegas, USA) [2012 – 2020]

  • Cirque du Soleil  "Zaia"  (Macau) [2012]

  • Cirque du Soleil  "ZED" (Tokyo, JAPAN) [2010 – 2011]

  • CBS The Night That Changed America: A GRAMMY® Salute To The BEATLES (Los Angels, USA) [2014]

  • Life is Beautiful Festival (Las Vegas, USA) [2014]



  • International Pole Fitness Ultimate Champion 2010

  • International Pole Fitness Ultimate Champion 2009



  • Tokyo Dance Magazine [2021]

  • GAORA / dTV Shining Japan [2019]

  • ​Magazine Variety [2016]

  • J-WAVE JK Radio-Tokyo United [2014]

  • Magazine Josei-Jishin [2013]

  • Pole World News [2012]

  • Hunan TV Day Day Up (China) [2012]

  • Magazine Disney Fun [2011] 

  • Magazine FRaU [2011]

  • Tokyo Dance Magazine [2011]

  • Magazine Pole Spin [2011]

  • Hong Kong Daily News [2011]

  • Magazine THE GOLD [2011]

  • Nippon TV Sukkiri [2010]

  • Nippon TV News Zero 「Zero Person」 [2010]

  • Asahi Shinbun [2010]

  • The Japan Times [2010]

  • MSN Sankei News [2010]

  • YAHOO! SPORTS [2010]


  • DK Pilates Mat

  • White Tiger Qigong


$150 / 1h

(*Additional studio rental fee may apply)


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